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Undoubtedly, the Spanish language associatethe literature of the wide area of Hispanic world and it also reminds the Eight centuries of Andalusian civilizationand itsread or unread books. Spanish department of Allame Tabatabaee Universitywhich is located in Tehran, Iran, is about to hold a conference on “Andalusian heritage” in which different cultural, artistic and historical aspects of the eight centuries of this civilization will be studied in order to highlight the commonalities between these two ancient cultures. Aftersurveying and studying the above mentioned topic and consulting experts, Dr. Najmeh Shobeyri, the head of Spanish department of Allame Tabatabaee University and the chair of the conference, with the assistance of her collogues in the executive team, intended to strengthen the relation between Iran and Iberia by inviting scholars of this field. Undoubtedly, this conference is a great opportunityfor the two cultures to reach more understanding of each other`sintellectual realities, and we believe that there is no difficulty when there is a coherent cooperation among people.



Chair: Dr. Najmeh Shobeiri



Scientific chair: Dr. Emilio Gonzales Ferrin



Executive chair: Dr. Raffaele Mauriello



Public relationsand international affairs: Dr. Jeiran Moghaddam