Altavabe and Alzavabe thesis of EbnShohaidAndalosis influence Badiuzzaman Hamadani

Zohreh Naemi, Kharazmi university, Iran

Seyyed Adnan Eshkevari, Kharazmi university, Iran

BadiuzzamanHamadani is one of the most famous writers of the fourth century he was born in Hamadan in 358 AH. He is inventor of Maqamat in Arabic literature. HamadanisMaqamat that collection of stories with a special style is famous in literatureSo that EbnShohaidAndalosi in the West of Arabic world, under the influence of this great work, wrote Altavabe and AlzavabeResaleh. EbnShohaid Andalosi is one of scholarsinAndalusia in the fourth century AH.He has works of poetry and prose that the most famous of them is the thesis is mentioned.Altavabe and Alzavabe thesis also known ShajaratoAlfokahah that consists of an entrance and four chapters.It should be noted that the meaning of Tavabe is jinn and Zavabemeans Satan or the Jinn chief.And since the author's plot is of the jinn, so this name was chosen for his work.IbnShohaid in original ideas, frameworks and methods, and many of his stories in this thesis influenced Badiuzzamans Maqamat especially Eblisiyah, Hamdaniyah, Jaheziyah and MoziriyahMaqamah.This thesis because it reflects the author's insights, society and the style of that period, is important.IbnShohaid in this thesis with an eloquent and expressive language, as well as enjoying the humor style to tell their stories. This article seeks to influence aspects of this  work of Hamadanis MaqamatandEmphasized that Iran and Iranian scholars have directly influenced the Andalusian literature.The research method in this article is descriptive analytical method based on the comparison of the effect will be.

Keywords: Iran, Andalusia, EbnShohaid Andalosi, Altavabe and Alzavabe thesis, Badiuzzaman Hamadani, Maqamat.