Language and research in the way of contact between Persian and Al-Andalus culture

Saeid Hooshangi

Complutense University, Spain

Certainly between people who have learned from common sources of thought, even if they belong to different cultural and geographical environments, similarities are found in the way of inputting and disseminating the thought that affects the oral tradition and the written works, and sometimes, they contribute to encourage a rapprochement between them. These similarities not only guide the content of scientific and literary works, but in some way, also lead the movements of thought and knowledge through which we could determine the type of contact and the place from which an idea comes from.

This paper contains a research on some samples of the historical contacts between both cultures and the Persian/Arabic and Castilian/Latin languages through written works, i.e. the contributions, such as the language of the texts that shows some evidence for the existence of cultural and scientific relations between the two ends of the Islamic territory of that time, the role of the language as a vehicle for transmission of ideas and knowledge, the contribution of some proofs of linguistic similarities in the content of scientific and literary works and the language dynamics and the changes that occur in the transfer of an idea from a language to another, highlighting the role of the Arabic language, have been fully studied.

Obviously the most important point in this contribution is to consider and examine the role of language when communicating an idea in both places, and how it expresses the common thought in the different works and as well as the oral tradition.

Keywords: Persia, Spain, Iberia, Al-Andalus, language dynamics, oral tradition.