Comparative study of the impact of Iranian textiles on Islamic Spain textiles (Case Study: Almoravid dynasty)

Farinaz Farbod, Alzahra University, Iran

Samaneh pour Azizi, Alzahra University, Iran

The Spread of Islam religion and its entry into Spain, as a result of the conquest of North Africa muslims and Umayyad caliphs, had a great impact on Spain politics, culture and art. The representation of these changes can be found in Andalusian Art, Especially Textile design motifs of this era. There is a special influence of Iranian Art on Andalusian textiles, canít be ignored. The influence of persian textile art had begun through massive imports of Iranian silk textiles before the establishment and development of Spain workshops, which continued in the reign of Abd al-Rahman II, who founded the dar al-tiraz looms in the city of Cordoba and during next dynasties, that Spain had become Europe's largest textile manufacturing pole. The Impact of  Iranian woven influences on the Andalusia people clothing  was so much the we can see their reflection in literary descriptions and metaphors; Also in Almeria, the famous center of Almoravides textile production, the textiles was known in their Persian names like Dibaj, Isfahani, Djurjani, Shushtari and etc.

By attention to the above, the purpose of this article is the investigation on the effect of Iranian textile motifs and composition on Andalusian textile during Almoravid dynasty and showing the evidence of them through comparative study of two civilization textiles through pictorial evidences, historical documents and surviving textiles.

results shows that in this period, the influence of Iranian (especially Buyid and Seljuk dynasty (textile, that are continuing the tradition of the Sasanian period, on Almoravids motifs can be shown in meaning and forms. these influences can be seen in use of medallions and attention to the negative spaces in Composition, and usage of Persian Symbolic motifs, Such as humans, animals, birds, tree of life and Kufic scripts in the textile.