Is rationality is opposition to religion? The case of Abu Ishaq al-Shatibi

Deina Abdelkader

Massachussetts University, USA

The age of scientific revolution in Europe came hand in hand with an assumed supremacy  of rational thought. The West equated modernity with all things rational. Thus the divergence in todays world between Islamic thought (contemporary and classical) and the constructs of Western modernity. The Weberian notion that religion needs to be reserved to the private realm and not play a role in the public realm as he elaborates in the Protestant Ethic, assumes an inimical relation between public and private, religion and state. Weber necessitates the separation between religion and state as a pre-requisite to development and modernization. This paper intends to analyze the works of Al-Shatibi from southern Spain to investigate whether there are clear demarcation lines between the binary divides between faith and reason, or church and state.